TruFlow Particle Sizing System

The Canty TRUFLOW™ has been engineered to offer the user a means by which a liquid is analyzed while under varying pressures, temperatures and flow rates. It offers sample or continuous, microscopic, non-destructive viewing and provides particle size analysis with two dimensional results when used in conjunction with the CantyVisionClient™ Software.

TruFlow Particle Sizing System


  • Particle size, shape and distribution with real time analysis
  • Fused glass pressure barrier standard
  • Rated 500 PSI @ 400 Deg. f. options through 6,000 PSI
  • Cold back light eliminates heating of the sample even at high outputs which are required for high shutter speed viewing
  • CCD based high-speed imaging device
  • adjustable gap option
  • Regulated temperature option
  • On-line or lab plus (remote control)
  • 1/4 inch NPT connections standard

Technology Used

  • High resolution / high speed CCD camera coupled to a microscopic lens system combined with CantyVisionClient to provide particle size analysis

Typical Applications

  • Multiphase oil characterization
  • Polymer bead growth and shape analysis
  • Mining and aggregate particle size
  • Centrifuge effluent and screen break detection
  • In-line particle size for process control
  • Gel, emulsion and bubble classifier
  • Percent solids / turbidity
  • End product quality control and lot certification
  • Crystal growth analysis
  • Replace laser and sieve with two dimensional distribution by shape