Oxygen Analyser (ATEX) Servomex ServoTough Oxy (1900)

The Servomex 1900 Oxygen Analyser is an ATEX G/D certified Oxygen Analyser based on the paramagnetic principle. The new SERVOTOUGH Oxy is an intrinsically safe oxygen analyser for zone 1 areas with no purge required.

Oxygen Analyser (ATEX) Servomex ServoTough Oxy (1900)


  • Heated Sample Compartment
  • Servomex Flowcube Technology
  • Internal Pressure Compensation
  • Hazerdous Area Approved for Gases and Dust Atex Cat 2
  • Autovalidation / Autocalibration
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • SIL 2 Hardware Compliance

Technology Used

  • Servomex’s unique paramagnetic cell, which offers a fast, linear, accurate, highly stable and selective response in a non-depleting rugged package.
  • The sensors use non-depleting technologies, maximizing availability and reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Typical Applications

  • Inerting/blanketing
  • Process Control
  • Safety critical oxidation monitoring
  • Flare stack analysis