LabPlus SolidSizer Particle Analysis System

The Canty LabPlus SolidSizer™ is an excellent tool for lab environments to determine particle size, shape and distribution, thereby eliminating the need for sieve analysis.


LabPlus SolidSizer Particle Analysis System


  • Particle distribution by major, minor diameter, area, and perimeter available with Canty Vector System
  • Real time particle size analysis
  • Standard Ethernet control from Canty Vector System
  • Uniform backlighting for true shape illumination
  • Shape Analysis
  • Particle Size measurement range is increased by variable lens setting
  • Camera controlled remotely (zoom and focus)
  • Remote material flow (speed of conveyor and height of product stream)
  • Settings used for each sample can be saved

Technology Used

Typical Applications

  • Pharmaceutical powders
  • Polymer pellets and beads
  • Agricultural products
  • Glass bead applications
  • Screen break detection
  • Agglomeration control
  • Spray dryers and fluid bed applications
  • Replaces existing lab screen/sieve systems x End product Q.C. and lot certification