Dextens Process Instrument

This process analyzer complements Dextens O2, O3, CO2, H2 and N2 sensors. It continuously measures the gas concentration, the temperature, and provides trace level concentration measures in liquid and gas phase. The parameters can be set according to the measuring conditions and operating requirements.

Dextens Process Instrument


  • The instrument is easy to install and can give process measurements in minutes
  • The LCD screen continuously displays the real time concentration and medium temperature
  • Concentration displayed units range from from 0.01 ppb to 100 ppm dissolved or 1.0 ppm to 100% gaseous
  • Function keys and menus on screen help to quickly configure the instrument
  • Real time clock
  • Pin-code protected
  • The sensor calibration process is defined step by step by the software
  • System alarms can be configured according to specified concentration levels. Alarm signals are transmitted through analog outputs
  • Stainless steel construction: ideal for measurements in harsh conditions

Technology Used

Typical Applications

  • In-line
  • Dissolved and gaseous applications
  • Beverage production
  • Semiconductor, power-steam industries
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industries