IUT Technologies offers with the Fumi-Analyzer the first device which is able to detect and to identify with high sensitivity all relevant fumigation gases (also Sulfuryl difluoride and Formaldehyde) and a large number of other toxic gases. In contradiction to the broad-band measuring systems, the IUT Technologies concept based from the beginning on the identification of substances, even in complex mixtures, together with the determination of the concentration at high sensitivity. For the fumigation several very toxic compounds are used worldwide. The most common gases for fumigation are: Methyl bromide, Phosphine, Hydrogen cyanide and Sulfuryl difluoride. After the fumigation the toxic gases remain in the import containers even after a shipping time of several weeks. Beside the fumigation gases, also other toxic gases (industrial gases) which are released from the transported goods create a risk. Different gases like Benzene, Toluene, and Xylene but even compounds like Ammonia and Chloropicrin depending on the transported goods can be found.



  • Identification of toxic gases even out of a complex mixture
  • Determination of the associated concentrations
  • High sensitivity for each toxic substance covering the required limits

Technology Used

  • Ion Mobility Spectrometer
  • Photo Ionization Detector
  • Electrochemical Cells

Typical Applications

  • detection of toxic fumigation gases in containers