PCME View 580 Dust Monitor

Particulate Measurement System for large diameter stacks and electro-filters with quantitative output (mg/m3), in-built self-checks, data logger with advanced graphical user interface.

PCME View 580 Dust Monitor


  • Stacks after Bag filters, Cartridge filters, Cyclones, or no Filter
  • Electro-filters, eg Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Non-condensing/Dry Flue gases
  • Variable flue gas velocities, including low velocity flue gases
  • Variable particulate size and type

Technology Used

  • Dynamic Opacity

Typical Applications

  • After Electro-filter Abatement Plant
  • Power Industry, Coal Fired Boiler Plant
  • Cement Kiln Abatement Plant
  • Gypsum Industry, Calcinators
  • Large diameter stacks
  • Processes regulated in terms of Opacity/Extinction