PCME Stack 990 Particulate Monitoring System

Approved Particulate Measurement System (mg/m3 output) with in-built checks, multi-function data logger and control unit.

PCME Stack 990 Particulate Monitoring System


  • Stacks after Bag filters, Cartridge filters, Cyclones
  • Constant or variable velocities within range 8-20m/s (typical bag filter velocity ranges), constant velocity required outside this range
  • After Process Driers
  • Non-condensing/Dry flue gases
  • Not suitable for Electrostatic Precipitators or applications with water droplets

Technology Used

  • Electrodynamic

Typical Applications

  • Quarrying (eg Rotary Dryers, Roller Mills)
  • Carbon Black Filter Plant
  • HEPA filters (eg Pharmaceutical/Biomedical Plant)
  • Coal Mill/Cement Mill/Cement Kiln Arrestment Plant
  • Humid applications (eg Dryers, Calcinators)
  • Wood cutting and chipping plant