Turbidity Analyser Kemtrak TC007

The Kemtrak TC007 is an industrial fiber optic turbidimeter designed to accurately measure the concentration of light scattering components.

The Kemtrak TC007 measures attenuated light and/or scattered light which is mathematically combined using a ratio algorithm to accurately monitor the turbidity of the sample.

Turbidity Analyser Kemtrak TC007


  • Real time in-line turbidity measurement
  • No maintenance
  • Reliable and robust infrared LED lamp
  • Fiber optics - no condensation & intrinsically safe (ATEX)
  • Extensive range of sensor designs and materials
  • Alarm signals for data and system failures
  • ISO 7027:1999(E) compliant

Technology Used

  • Since optic fibres are used to pipe light to the measurement point and back, the measurement cell contains no electronics, moving parts or sources of heat that result in condensation on the optical surfaces. Standard measurement cells are machined in sanitary grade stainless steel with sapphire glass.

Typical Applications

  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water & Environment