Dew Point Transmitter Model LPDT

The compact LPDT dew point Transmitter is a fully functional instrument operated through a miniature custom LCD display and three push buttons, using the same user friendly interface of all Xentaur hygrometers.


The analog output is linear to the engineering units selected for display and is user configurable. A weatherproof cap is available for outdoor NEMA 4X (IP65) applications.

Dew Point Transmitter Model LPDT


  • HTF™ Sensor Technology
  • Small Size
  • Local Display
  • Very Low Drift
  • Long Sensor Life

Technology Used

  • Xentaur HTF™ high capacitance aluminum oxide sensor technology

Typical Applications

  • Monitoring & Control of Air Dryers
  • Plastic Dryers
  • Glove Boxes
  • Welding Gases
  • Natural Gas Processing, Transportation & Distribution
  • Clean Room Environments