Continuous Hydrogen Analyzer (CHA)

Utilizing a unique, patented electrochemical sensor, the CHA outputs a continuous signal corresponding directly to the hydrogen concentration. Used in conjunction with real-time controls, alarms, and shut-off mechanisms, the CHA responds immediately to changing hydrogen levels for improved operations and safety. Unlike thermal conductivity-based hydrogen analyzers, the CHA measures hydrogen directly and specifically. Built around a polymer membrane with proton-conducting properties, the CHA sensor detects hydrogen concentrations ranging from 400 ppm to 100% by volume in discrete ranges with ±1% accuracy or better (dependent upon sample concentration and reference gas composition).

Continuous Hydrogen Analyzer (CHA)


  • High Accuracy
  • Large Measurement Range
  • Interactive Message Panel
  • 4-20mA Current Loop Output Signal
  • Simple to Install
  • Easy to Maintain

Technology Used

  • Patented proton-conducting polymer

Typical Applications

  • Steel Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Ceramics
  • Combustion Facilities
  • Waste Incinerators