ServoPro Chroma

The SERVOPRO Chroma (K4000) analyser with its unique non-depleting plasma emission detector is one of the most versatile gas analysers on the market. Many applications will be satisfied by a single 4U rack analyser configuration, making the SERVOPRO Chroma a compact, cost effective solution.

ServoPro Chroma


  • Trace gas measurement ppb/ppm
  • Stand-alone system , no need for third party software
  • PlasmaHC hydrocarbon system measurement does not use a FID
  • ArgonSep separates argon without use of oxygen scrubber
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote control and monitoring
  • 4-20 mA outputs for peak impurity values and chromatogram signal
  • Remote range I.D. contact per impurity

Technology Used

  • Plasma Emission Detector - Servomex's unique non-depleting plasma emission cell offers a fast, accurate, selective, and sensitive response.
  • PlasmaHC - measures methane and THC without the use of a FID, eliminating the need for maintenance and fuel.
  • ArgonSep - separates Argon completely from oxygen without the need for oxygen scrubbers, providing a sensitive, maintenance free measurement.

Typical Applications

  • Air separation plants
  • Argon purification plants
  • Cryogenic truck loading station
  • Hydrogen purification plants
  • Speciality gas laboratories
  • Semiconductor plants
  • Helium liquification plants