Combustion Gas Analyser Servomex ServoTough Fluegas (2700)

The SERVOTOUGH Fluegas measures oxygen and combustibles in flue gases to allow improved combustion efficiency and reduced emissions. The Fluegas gas analyser is designed to suit the most demanding needs of combustion efficiency applications in the Power Generation and Process Industries.

Combustion Gas Analyser Servomex ServoTough Fluegas (2700)


  • Continuous measurement of Oxygen and / or combustibles
  • Simple to operate and install
  • Fully field maintainable
  • High sensitivity sensor: ranges 0-500ppm to 0-2000ppm
  • High range sensor: ranges 0-1500ppm to 6000ppm*
  • Suitable for high temperature operation up to 1750°C (3182°F)
  • *ranges up to 1 or 2% in certain applications

Technology Used

  • Oxygen – Servomex's unique zirconia cell which offers an accurate and stable measurement in a design that gives an exceptionally long service life.
  • Combustibles – Servomex's innovative Thick Film Calorimetry (Tfx) cell allows a user to make a sensitive combustibles analysis rather than a breakthrough indication. This gives even more precise control of the process which results in greater fuel savings and lower emissions.

Typical Applications

  • Process heaters
  • Utility boilers
  • Thermal crackers
  • Iron & steel
  • Incinerators